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Studies on metal ion absorption (Calcium and Mercury) by certain members of Poncene and the cation exchange capacity of their roots George, K J Ray, J G Botany 2010
Studies on Micropropagation for Conservation of Some Threatened Medicinal Plants of South India Aruna A Joy P Joseph Botany 2005
Studies on some Medical plants used in Ayurvedic formulations Sarala Samuel Velayudhan Thampi, G Botany 2003
Studies on the algal flora of Kole lands in Thrissur district, Kerala Tessy Paul, P Sreekumar, R Botany 2012
Studies on the effect of distillery effluent on rice (Oryza Sativa L) Sivaprasad, A Gopalakrishnan, P K Botany 2009
Studies on the effect of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne Incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood, on Pueraria Phaseoloides Benth Thankamony, S Kothandaraman, R% Kuruvilla Jacob, C Botany 2006
Studies on the effects of a fertilizer factory effluent on Capsicum Annuum L. a food adjunct of Solanaceae Selinamma Joseph Avita (Sr) Botany 2010
Studies on the endomycorrhizal synthesis in Seasamum indicum L. Rajasree, R Harikumar, V S Botany 2011
Studies on the factors influencing the regeneration and flow of latex in Hevea Brasiliensis George Koshy Vijayakumar, K R Botany 1998
Studies on the Periphytic Algae in pokkali and prawn fields of N Paravoor and Vypeen Island Joshi, K K Sreekumar, R Botany 2011
Studies on the structure of bark of Hevea Brasiliensis with special reference to alignment of Phloic elements and clonal variability Philipose Omman Reghu, C P Botany 2006
Studies on the toxicity of industrial effluents of Phytoplankters Reemol Scaria, A Merlee Teresa, M V (Sr) Botany 2004
Studies on vesicular-arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi in the growth improvement of Pueraria Phaseoloides Benth Kochuthresiamma Joseph Kothandaraman, R Botany 1997
Study of active antimicrobial principles and chemical composition of important compounds in certain species of Indigofera genus Sindhu, K K Mathew, M M Botany 2012
Study of the Effect of Fertilizers and Growth regulators on the growth and Reproduction in Moringa Oleifera Lam and its relationship with the purification of the polluted water by the plant extract Valsamma, V T Mathew, M M Botany 2016
Study of the variants among in vitro regenerated plants in Banana, Musa Paradisiaca, L Var Nendran and Poovan with special reference to ontogeny of shoot and floral apices Leelamma Sebastian Mathew, M M Botany 2007
Superoxide dismutase gene integration and expression in trans-genic Hevea Brasiliensis Sobha, S Thulaseedharan, A Botany 2006
Systematic and ethnobotanic studies on the Rubiaceae of Kerala Pramod Kumar, N Antony, V T Botany 2009
Systematic and ethnobotanical studies of the families coming under the order Ranales, Kerala State Roy, Y C Antony, V T Botany 2011
Systematic studies of family Myrtaceae in the Kerala State Vinod Kumar, T G Antony, V T Botany 2004
Systematic, Ethnobotanic Nutraceutical and Pharmacognostic studies on Moringa Oleifera Lam; Syzygium Cumini (Linn.) Skeels, and Syzygium Caryophyllatum (Linn.) Alston Kala, K Antony, V T Botany 2017
Systematic, ethonotanic, pharmacognostic and nutraceutical studies on species of citrus in Kerala Mejo Jose Antony, V T Botany 2016
Systematic, pharmacognostic Ethnobotanic and Nutraceutical study of Coccinia Grandis (Linn.) Voight, Momordica Charantia Linn. And Benincasa Hispida (Thunb.) Cogn. Sheemole, M S Antony, V T Botany 2017
Systematic, pharmacognostical and ethnobotanical study of selected medicinal plants used for the treatment of rheumatism Jessy Kurien Antony, V T Botany 2015
Taxonomic and phytochemical studies on selected species of family Apocynaceae Egy T Paul Thomas Mathew, P Botany 2009
Taxonomic revision of the genus Murdannia royle (Commelinaceae) in India Anna Ancy Antony, A Santhosh Nampi Botany 2014
Utilization of latex centrifugation and its effect on the growth of selected crop plants Anice Kurian, M Augusthy, P O Botany 2014
Weather and growth performance of young Rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) Chandrasekhar, T R Vijayakumar, K R Botany 2007

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