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Developing a learning package on Eco spirituality for enhancing Eco consciousness and awareness in green chemistry of students at secondary level Josephine Joseph Jayasree P Education 2017
Developing a metacognition integrated multimedia science learning package for students at Secondary level Alka Abbas, M A Minikutty, A Education 2012
Developing a Multimedia remedial tracking package for Dysgraphia among Primary school students with specific learning disabilities Anilakumari, M C Celine Pereira Education 2013
Developing a package based on metacognitive strategies for promoting skills in teaching Mathematics among student teachers at secondary level Seema Gopinath Minikutty, A Education 2016
Developing a package based on self-science curriculum for enhancing emotional intelligence of adolescents in juvenile homes of Kerala Sreevidya S Marar Minikutty, A Education 2016
Developing a package for enhancing social intelligence of students at Primary level Lekshmi, S Minikutty, A Education 2013
Developing a strategically aligned guidance and counselling package with special focus on life skills attainment, personality development and vocational choices of students at Higher Secondary Level Viji K Ramakrishnan Sudharma, A Education 2015
Developing a Strategy based on Experiential learning for enhancing leadership quality business interest and achievement in commerce of students at higher secondary level Latheesh, K Jacob, P J Education 2016
Developing a strategy for evaluating the scholastic and non-scholastic achievement at higher secondary level Thomas K Reghu V Education 2018
Developing a strategy for syncopating Mathematical skills among Primary school students Vijayakumar, M V Celine Pereira Education 2011
Developing a technopedagogy based instructional package for enhancing certain multimedia skills of teacher educands at secondary level Laya A B Thulaseedharan T V Education 2017
Developing an e-learning strategy for teaching biology at higher secondary level Mary Sindhu, J Celine Pereira Education 2009
Developing an emotional intelligence enhancement package for Primary school students with special reference to emotional competencies Anu, G S Celine Pereira Education 2011
Developing an interactive compensatory learning model based on constructivism for enhancing scientific reasoning, scientific interest and achievement in chemistry of students at secondary level Premachandran P Sajna Jaleel Education 2018
Developing an interdisciplinary synthetic model for the teaching of population education at the Secondary level Regi P Mathew Sudharma, A Education 2013
Developing and testing enactive and iconic models of animating the teaching of Malayalam metre in schools Ammini, M J Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2007
Developing and testing integrated educational models using environment and community resources Lali, S Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2004
Developing and testing musical models in animating school education Ashok Alex Philip Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2001
Developing certain designs for promoting reflective learning practices at Secondary level Asha, O S Sudharma, A Education 2012
Developing certain strategies for better teacher accountability and reflective teaching among secondary school teachers in Kerala Sumamol, N S Sudharma, A Education 2014
Developing certain strategies for promoting Reflective Practices among Teacher Educands at Secondary Level Johnson, J Sudharma, A Education 2016
Developing certain strategies for the effective classroom management at Higher secondary level Rany, S Sudharma, A Education 2008
Developing certain strategies for the transaction of curriculum in commerce at the level of Higher secondary education Issac Paul Sudharma, A Education 2013
Developing certain value based strategies for enhancing spiritual intelligence, social adjustment and self efficacy among students at higher secondary level Gigi Paul Anandan Nair K Education 2018
Developing instructional models for the teaching of biology using the theory of multiple intelligences Arun Kumar, P Suresh, K P Education 2015
Developing web based meaningful engaged learning strategy for learning astrology at secondary school level Rakhy Radhakrishanan Jacob, P J Education 2016
Development and validation of an NLP – based training package for enhancing the soft skills of student teachers. Pramod D Celin Pereira Education 2017
Development of a multimedia package for augmenting phonemic awareness and vocabulary instruction in English at the elementary level with special reference to Dyslexic students Beena Rani, S Saratchandra Raj, G Education 2015
Development of a multimedia package for students at primary level with dyslexia Sheeba Krishnan Celine Pereira Education 2013
Development of a package for enhancing Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Secondary School Teachers in Malayalam Bindu Joseph Exemmal, J Education 2016

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