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An evaluation of turnaround management in selected public sector enterprises of Kerala Thomas, K V Baby, M D Commerce 2009
An evaluation study on Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana in Kerala Gilroy Rozario Rajagopala Nair Commerce 2005
An experimental study on probiotic effect of spore formers Anu P Sebastain Keerthi, T R Biotechnology 2013
An experimental study to test the efficacy of Raw Diet and Yoga to control Type 2 Diabetes in different stages of disease process Thressia, P A Rajeev Kumar, N Psychology 2016
An investigation into the development of the concept and practice of non-violence in the history of Indian thought Rosamma Mathew Joseph C Mukalel Gandhian studies 2000
An investigation into the in vitro response of selected Cycads Dominic, V J Joy P Joseph Botany 2003
An investigation on pesticide residue in soil and water with particular reference to Carbofuran in Wayanad District, Kerala Devasia, M J Madhu, G Environmental science 2011
An investigation on systematic, biology and behavior of Stingless Bees of Kerala and improved techniques for Meliponiculture Sajan Jose Shaju Thomas Zoology 2016
An investigation on the anti-diabetic activity of Herbal drugs and their mechanism of action Sabu, M C Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2006
An investigation on the freshwater Algal flora of Idukki District Jose John Francis, M S Botany 2008
Analysis and design of scalable parallel algorithms for scientific computing Juby Mathew Vijayakumar, R Computer science 2016
Analysis of educational philosophy in Gita and its relevance in the present educational system Asokan, P Celine Pereira Education 2013
Analysis of emotional intelligence and personality among national level track and field Athletes Mini Thomas Jayashree Acharya Physical education 2016
Analysis of flow states and team cohesion in male field hockey players Saju, S Jayashree Acharya Physical education 2011
Analysis of Psychosocial factors in Type II Diabetes among Syrian Christians of Kerala ( A study with special reference to Kottayam District) Maria Cheryl Morris John, M S Development studies- economics 2016
Analysis of selected stylistic concepts and the method of their application in teaching literature in under-graduate classes in India Shibu Simon Joseph Kachapilly English literature 2000
Analytical and numerical predictions for near-earth's satellite orbits with KS uniform regular canonical equations Xavier James Raj, M Sharma, R K Mathematics 2008
Analytical and synthetic investigations in Olefinic compounds Abdel Salam, K U Ashrof, M A Chemistry 2013
Analytical approach using KS elements to long-term Near-Earth orbit predictions including Earth’s oblateness and air drag Lila S Nair Sharma, R K Mathematics 2005
Analytical orbit predictions in terms of uniformly regular K-S canonical elements for high eccentricity satellite orbits with atmospheric drag Anitha, C S Sharma, R K Mathematics 2012
Anaphora resolution in Malayalam and Hindi Sobha, L Patnaik, B N Linguistics 2002
Anthropometric and motor performance as predictor variables of spike jump and block jump in Volleyball Mathews Jacob Jose James Physical education 2017
Anti-alcoholic movement in Kerala: A Gandhian analysis Reni Anna Joseph Mahajan P Mani Gandhian studies 1996
Anti-cancer activities of Polyphenolic compounds Lata G Menon Girija Kuttan Immunology 2000
Anti-cancer activity of selected Medicinal plants Jose Thomas, T Ramachandra Panikkar, K Biochemistry 2004
Anti-tumour activity of peptidoglycan fraction from squid and cuttlefish ink Priya Senan, V Sherief, P M,
Rajasekharan Nair, J
Biotechnology 2008
Anticancer activity of herbal drugs especially used in Homeopathic medicine Preethi, K C Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2009
Anticancer activity of Medicinal plants Mary, K T Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 1996
Anticancer activity of selected medicinal plants: A study of the anticancer principles from Saraca asoca Varghese, C D Ramachandra Panikkar, K Biochemistry 1996
Anticancer property analysis of scutellaria species seen in Western Ghats of Kerala Salini Sasidharan Babu, T D Biochemistry 2015

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