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Adbhutapanjaram of Narayana Diksita: A critical study Ambika, C P Leelamani, K Sanskrit literature 1999
Adjustment and its correlates in old age: A study in relation to living arrangement Jacob Cherian Kumar, K A,
Elsheba Mathew
Behavioural science 2000
Administrative leadership potential: A study on the Taxes Department of Government of Kerala Biju, M G Ramalingam, N Commerce 2004
Adolescents in contemporary Kerala family: Issues and challenges Maries, V L Shally Joseph Sociology 2014
Adolescents' creativity: A study with reference to the self-concept and achievement motivation Jose Antony Varghese K Varghese Social work 2002
Adunikakavithyum puthukavithayum oru tharathamya padanam (അധുനിക കവിതയും പുതുകവിതയും ഒരു താരതമ്യ പഠനം) Bins M Mathew (ബിൻസ് എം മാത്യു) Babu Sebastian (ബാബു സെബാസ്റ്റ്യൻ) Malayalam language 2015
Advaita and new science Harish, D Girishkumar, T S Philosophy 2014
Advertising in Kerala - Its influence on select consumer non-durables Gopakumar, K C Ramesh, B Social science 2004
Aesthetics and politics of language in Adrienne Rich Babu, K T Augustine Joseph,
Mathew Joseph
English literature 2008
Aetiological factors in suicidal behaviour Johnson, R Baburaj, P T Psychology 2003
Ageing of women in Kerala - An analysis of their consumption pattern Merly Zachariah Tessy Kurian Economics 2012
Agony of alienation: A comprehensive study of the aftermath of alienation in the novels of Toni Morrison Swarna Kumari, K Ravindran Nambiar, C English literature 2005
Agricultural technology development and transfer in the socio-economic transformation of agrarian economies: The Kerala experience with special reference to Kuttanad Aniyankunju, P C Joseph A Thomas Economics 2005
Agro-processing in Kerala - A case study of Rice mills in Kalady Krishnadas, K Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2007
Agrobacterium mediated molecular breeding in Hevea brasiliensis for crop improvement Rekha, K Nazeem, P A,
Venkatachalam, P
Biotechnology 2014
Alcohol consumption and sexual behaviour: Comparison of the risky behaviour patterns of the Final Year Medical, Engineering and Non-professional undergraduates in Bangalore Silvy Mathew Verghese K Verghese (Fr) Social work 2005
Algorithmic approach to some intersection graphs Benedict Mary, A Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2006
All owe is one: The emergence of a composite identity in the novels of Paule Marshall Sushila Nair, K Kochuthresiamma, P J English literature 2009
Allocation of time of working women in Kerala: A comparative study across occupations Ramya, R Visakha Varma, G Economics 2014
Alternative dispute resolution in Kerala: A study with particular reference to Kottayam District Laju P Thomas John, M S Gandhian studies (peace studie 2013
Alternative Dispute Resolution- A study with special reference to Kerala Thilakanandan, C Parameswaran, K Law 2016
Amarkanthi ki kahaniyam : Ek Adhyyan Sunithakumari K Roy Joseph Hindi literature 2017
Ambivalent contours in the poetry of R S Thomas Mary Paul Chakkachamparambil Joseph Kachapilly English literature 2010
Amelioration of heavy metals by microorganisms and lower plants Agi M Thomson Muraleedhara Kurup, G Biochemistry 2009
An ab initio theoretical study of the relative stabilities of Benzene and Prismane and some analogues Jacob George Pius, K Chemistry 2007
An analysis of academic achievement and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence of school children Agnes Jose Jose James Physical education 2011
An analysis of The wasteland in the light of rasadhvani theory Mathew Joseph, M Harris, V C English literature 1999
An analytical study of the impact of women entrepreneurship development measures promoted by the Government and Financial institutions in Kerala Vinisha Bose Roy C Mathew Women studies 2013
An analytical study of the incentive motivation of the badminton players at national level Binu George Varghese Jose James Physical education 2009
An analytical study of the role of lifestyle changes in the development and management of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus in Kerala – A Homoeopathic approach Susy Charles Roy C Mathew Homoeopathy 2012

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