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Characterization of Nano Zinc Ferrites and Investigations on their Optical Limiting and Antialgal Applications Rintu Mary Sebastian Mohammed, E M Physics 2017
Characterization of rare-earth doped magnesium ferrite nano-particles and its catalytic activity Smitha Thankachan Mohammed E M Physics 2015
Characterization of Tapping Panel Dryness (TPD) of Hevea Brasiliensis in clone RRII 105 Thomas Abraham Kuruvilla Joseph, C Environmental science (botany) 2015
Characterization, evaluation and micropropagation of Patchuli (Pogostemon-Patchouli Benth): An important aromatic plant in South India Mini Chacko Joseph P Varghese Botany 2010
Characters in the dramatic narratives of Robert Frost: A psychological study Edward A Edezhath Geetha, P English literature 1999
Chemical synthesis of Sol gel Alumina-Silicon Carbide nanocomposites Hareesh, U S Padmanabhan, M,
Warrier, K G K
Chemistry 2001
Chemopreventive effect of Amorphophallus campanulatus (Roxb) Bl tuber on colon and hepatic carcinogenesis Ansil, P N Latha, M S Bioscience 2015
Child marriage and law in India: A critical study Salini, S S Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law 2004
Child rearing practices in urban families of Kerala Jilly John Mary Venus, C J Social work 2011
Child sexual abuse - An exploratory study of the Kerala scenario Seema Bhaskaran Mathai, M P Gandhian studies 2005
Chiral pool approach towards the sysnthesis of few optically active y-butyrolactone based natural products Simimole, H Ibnusaud, I Chemistry 2015
Chloromethyleneiminium salt mediated synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles Krishnaraj, K U Devaky, K S Chemistry 2011
Chloromethyleneiminium salt mediated synthesis of Pyridine derivatives Anabha, E R Asokan, C V Chemistry 2005
Christian Missions in the pluralistic context of India - The relevance of Gandhian approach Mathew Thomas Mathai, M P Gandhian studies 2003
Chromosome studies and exploration of chemical constituents of some members of South Indian Lamiaceae John E Thoppil Joseph Jose Botany 1995
Church and community development: A sociological study with reference to Bhimadole community Sunny Varghese George Koilparambil Sociology 2007
Church as an agent of development: A case study of the Mar Thoma church Salomon, K Mahajan P Mani Social work 2013
Clean development Mechanism(CDM) Project opportunities in fertilizer industry Jayachandran K Madhu G Environmental science 2017
CMI and socio-economic and religious transformation in Kerala in the 19th and 20th centuries Mathukutty, A A Joseph Sebastian Thekkedom (Fr) History 2003
Co-operative Credit for Agriculture in Kerala with special reference to Paddy Cultivation in Palakkad District Jisha, K K Leena George Economics 2016
Coconut cake- A novel absorbent for the removal of water pollutants Thomas Mathew Madhu, G Environmental science 2009
Coconut oil milling industry in Kerala- Choice of technology and linkages Jaison V Joseph Sunny, K A Economics 2009
Coins and currency of pre-modern Kerala till 1600 AD Joseph Augustine Rajan Kurukkal, P M History 2016
Collective identity and the emergence of individual consciousness: A study of selected African and Indian English novels Jessy Maria (Sr) Geetha, P English literature 1994
Committee system as a mechanism for the effective functioning of legislature with particular reference to Kerala Rajan, T Varghese, V V Political science 2004
Communication in Cochin Refineries - A study Jayan, K K Mahajan P Mani Gandhian studies 2001
Communitizing education through National Service Scheme Thomas Abraham, C Mahajan P Mani Gandhian studies 2001
Community management of water resources in Kerala: A study of user participation in drinking water schemes Varkey, P J Joseph, T M Gandhian studies 2013
Community-based rehabilitation of persons with mental retardation through women Self Help Groups Soya Sadanandan Sukumaran, P S Behavioural science 2016
Comparative effect of different stress on free radical generation and the impact of controlled vestibular stimulation on stressed Albino Wistar Rats Smitha, K K Mukkadan, J K Physiology 2016

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