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Design, Synthesis and Biological Screening of Heterocycles with Azetidinone, Thiazolidinone, and related rings Beena Thomas Jyoti Harindran,
Devaky, K S
Pharmacy 2016
Designing and studies on some novel photochemical probes based on naturally occurring systems like lignin Ambily Chandran Sunny Kuriakose Chemistry 2012
Detailed studies on the genera and species of the family Podostemaceae with particular reference to the phenomenon of polymorphism Nileena, C B Joyce Mathew, C Botany 2002
Determinants of Cognitive Development of Preschool Children in Kerala Divya Rose Peter Rajeev Kumar N Behavioural science 2018
Determinants of fertility differentials among the religious groups in Kerala Cyriac Joseph George, T M Economics 2008
Determinants of saving behaviour of rural households in Kerala Unny, C J Mani, K P Economics 2004
Developing a blended learning package for enhancing Technopedagogical skills and achievement among Student Teachers at secondary level Sumy M Scaria Celine Pereria Education 2016
Developing a computer assisted instructional package for learning organic chemistry at higher secondary level Jisha Baby Jacob, P J Education 2014
Developing a learning package based on geographic information system (GIS) for enhancing certain cognitive and affective variables of students at secondary level Liza Mathew, K Minikutty, A Education 2016
Developing a learning package on Eco spirituality for enhancing Eco consciousness and awareness in green chemistry of students at secondary level Josephine Joseph Jayasree P Education 2017
Developing a metacognition integrated multimedia science learning package for students at Secondary level Alka Abbas, M A Minikutty, A Education 2012
Developing a Multimedia remedial tracking package for Dysgraphia among Primary school students with specific learning disabilities Anilakumari, M C Celine Pereira Education 2013
Developing a package based on metacognitive strategies for promoting skills in teaching Mathematics among student teachers at secondary level Seema Gopinath Minikutty, A Education 2016
Developing a package based on self-science curriculum for enhancing emotional intelligence of adolescents in juvenile homes of Kerala Sreevidya S Marar Minikutty, A Education 2016
Developing a package for enhancing social intelligence of students at Primary level Lekshmi, S Minikutty, A Education 2013
Developing a strategically aligned guidance and counselling package with special focus on life skills attainment, personality development and vocational choices of students at Higher Secondary Level Viji K Ramakrishnan Sudharma, A Education 2015
Developing a Strategy based on Experiential learning for enhancing leadership quality business interest and achievement in commerce of students at higher secondary level Latheesh, K Jacob, P J Education 2016
Developing a strategy for evaluating the scholastic and non-scholastic achievement at higher secondary level Thomas K Reghu V Education 2018
Developing a strategy for syncopating Mathematical skills among Primary school students Vijayakumar, M V Celine Pereira Education 2011
Developing a technopedagogy based instructional package for enhancing certain multimedia skills of teacher educands at secondary level Laya A B Thulaseedharan T V Education 2017
Developing an e-learning strategy for teaching biology at higher secondary level Mary Sindhu, J Celine Pereira Education 2009
Developing an emotional intelligence enhancement package for Primary school students with special reference to emotional competencies Anu, G S Celine Pereira Education 2011
Developing an interactive compensatory learning model based on constructivism for enhancing scientific reasoning, scientific interest and achievement in chemistry of students at secondary level Premachandran P Sajna Jaleel Education 2018
Developing an interdisciplinary synthetic model for the teaching of population education at the Secondary level Regi P Mathew Sudharma, A Education 2013
Developing and testing enactive and iconic models of animating the teaching of Malayalam metre in schools Ammini, M J Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2007
Developing and testing integrated educational models using environment and community resources Lali, S Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2004
Developing and testing musical models in animating school education Ashok Alex Philip Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2001
Developing certain designs for promoting reflective learning practices at Secondary level Asha, O S Sudharma, A Education 2012
Developing certain strategies for better teacher accountability and reflective teaching among secondary school teachers in Kerala Sumamol, N S Sudharma, A Education 2014
Developing certain strategies for promoting Reflective Practices among Teacher Educands at Secondary Level Johnson, J Sudharma, A Education 2016

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