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Emotional intelligence and managerial skills: A comparative study on the managers of selected public sector and private sector banks in Kerala Mohanadasan, T Harikumar, P N Commerce 2015
Emotional paradigm in Nalacaritam Raju, T G Ramachandran, T K English literature 2007
Emotional problems in wives of alcoholics Jancy Raj Mahajan P Mani Gandhian studies 2001
Employment of women in the service sector in Kerala: A case study of Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts Shyni T Alexander Philip, P J Economics 2014
Empowering rural women through microfinancing – A comparative study of the contributions of Governmental and non-governmental organizations in Central Kerala Beena George George, T M Gandhian studies 2009
Empowerment and development in the Laksham Veedu Colonies of Kerala: A case study of Kottayam District Jobin T Johny Stany Thomas Political science 2016
Empowerment of Dalits and the role of Dalit movements in Kerala: A study of Kottayam District Tomy Joseph (Fr) Mathew, M M Political science 2011
Empowerment of women in the informal sector in Kerala: A study with special reference to Kudumbashree project Beena, S Ramesh, B Commerce 2013
En-gendering individuals: A study of gender and individualisation in reform - Language in modern Keralam 1880's-1950's Devika, J Gangadhara Menon, M History 2003
Endomycorrhizal studies in Phaseolus aureus (Green gram) Valsalakumar, N Ray, J G Botany 2008
Energy economics% Energy security% Coal% Oil% Natural gas% Nonconventional energy% Electricity% Energy mix Mohan, B Chandrasekhar, K S Management studies 2015
Engendering the nation: Female India in selected short fiction by women Ashley Susan Philip Raveendran, P P English literature 2007
Enviromental status of Manimala River basin with special reference to pollution due to pilgrimage tourism and other human activities Antony, K J George, A V Environmental science 2011
Environmental communication - A case study of Kerala Joy, K P Rajan Gurukkal Social science 2005
Environmental education potential of Botanic gardens Valsala, G Sivadasan, K R Education 2003
Environmental factors influencing the growth of micro algae Aneesh, C Manila, V B Environmental science 2016
Environmental health perspectives of a panchayat in Idukki district of Western Ghats Rejith, P G Mohamed Hatha, A A Environmental science 2015
Environmental impact assessment of industrial activity in Greater Kochi Latha Kumari, P Antony, C A Economics 2009
Environmental Justice and its administration in India Krishnakumar, G Sukumari Antherjanam, D Law 2016
Environmental stress studies with reference to the pollution in the Vattakayal backwaters near the industrial area of Chavara, Kollam district, Kerala Koshy, P M Thomas, A P Environmental science 2013
Enzyme model catalytic studies based on Polymer-supported Metalloporphyrins Mikki V Vinodu Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2001
EPC syntheses employing (2S,3S) and (2S,3R)- Tetrahydro-3-Hydroxy-5-Oxo-2,3-Furandicarboxylic acids: Syntheses of analogues of Quararibea metabolite Chiral Enolic-γ-Lactone Chithra Gopinath Ibnusaud, I Chemistry 2007
Epic vision in Milton and Aurobindo: A study based on Paradise Lost and Savitri Subhassh C Kurup Philips Wadakekalam, W T (Rev) English literature 2004
Epoxidised Natural rubber as a reinforcement modifier for Silica filled Natural rubber and Acrylonitrile Butadiene rubber Jacob K Varkey Mathew, N M Polymer chemistry 2006
Erica Jong and Arundhati Roy: The emerging female consciousness John Vineetha Mareeta Ravindran Nambiar, C English literature 2006
Estimation of intraclonal variations and associations of characters in RRll 105, a popular clone of Hevea Brasiliensis (Willd ex Adr de Juss) Muell Arg Mary, K M Premakumari, D Botany 2004
Estimation of reliability measures of some commonly used heavy tailed lifetime distributions Dhanya, M Jeevanand, E S Statistics 2016
Ethics and aesthetics: The dual commitment of Nadine Gordimer in her writings Devaki Antharjanam, S Nithyanantha Bhat, V English literature 2008
Ethnicity and literary aesthetics in the novels of Amy Tan and Bharati Mukherjee Ancy Eapen Geetha, P English literature 2003
Ethnicity in an urban society: A study of the Gujaratis of Kochi Sara Chacko Jose Kuriedath Sociology 1998

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