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Fishery management in Periyar Lake Minimol, K C Zacharias, V J Zoology 2001
Fishery resource potential of Manimala River, Kerala, India Mathews Plamoottil Nelson P. Abraham Zoology 2016
Fishes of the Perumthenaruvi region of the Pamba river with special reference to Benthic forms Thomas John, P John, K C Zoology 2005
Fishing industry in Kerala: The perils of international quality assurance standards Ancy, V P Raju, K V Economics 2016
Flannery O’Connor: Theory and practice of fiction Joseph J Puthumana (Fr) Thomas, T V English literature 2000
Floristic and ethnobotanical studies of Achankovil forests, Western Ghats, Kerala Jose Mathew George, K V Environmental science (botany) 2015
Floristic studies of the coastal wetlands of Southern Kerala Shaju, S Antony, V T Botany 2014
Flow of credit to trade and commerce in Kerala - A study of Real Estate and Housing Finance in Kerala Sunny Joseph Jose, R V Economics 2004
Fluorescence kinetics and energy transfer mechanism in rare earth doped glassy matrices Biju, P R Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2000
Fluorescence kinetics and energy transfer mechanism of doped rare earth oxalate single crystals Pragash, R Sudarsanakumar, C Physics 2016
Folk and mythic roots in the fiction of Toni Morrison and Alice Walker Renuka, S Nithyanantha Bhat, V English literature 2007
Foreign portfolio investment in India- A critical evaluation Lazar, P K Xaviour, V M Commerce 2009
Foreign trade in Natural rubber - A case study with reference to Kerala Tia Mathews Joseph, K X Commerce 2012
Forest Industries Travancore Limited, Aluva - An evaluative study Sybila Pius Fernandez Sarngadharan, M Commerce 2005
Formation of Buddhism and Buddha’s influence on Mahatma Gandhi Harilakshmeendra Kumar, C R Girishkumar, T S Social science 2008
Formulation and evaluation of low cost diets for cultivable fish species Sreenath V R Jayachandran K V Fishery science 2017
Formulation of certain strategies for planning, development and evaluation of the practical programmes other than practice teaching in colleges of Teacher education Lilly Varghese (Sr) Sudharma, A Education 2007
Formulation of educational guidance programme for the culturally disadvantaged secondary school pupils Anitha, N Suresh, K P Education 2016
Fourth order elastic constants and the low temperature thermal expansion of some hexagonal crystals Sindhu, S Menon, C S Physics 1998
Fractal patterns and stochastic resonance in coupled map lattices Kamala Menon Ambika, G Physics 2009
Free radical chemistry of naphthol and its analogues: Experimental and theoretical studies Sreekanth, R Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2015
Free Radical chemistry of some Antioxidant Molecules: Radiolytic and theoretical studies Venu, S Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2016
Free radical chemistry of structural analogues of Pyrimidine bases: A theoretical and pulse radiolysis study Prasanthkumar, K P Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2013
Freedom in the doctrine of Karma with special reference to Bhagavad Gita Gopalan Nair, P P Nirmala Devi, D Gandhian studies 2001
Freshwater Shrimps of the family Atyidae de Haan of Kerala and culture of a selected species for forage/food in aquaculture Tessa Thomas Shaju Thomas,
Jayachandran, K V
Zoology 2012
From oppression to optimism through self-spun philosophy: A comparative reading of the fictional output of Maya Angelou and Bama Sarojini Sudha Shibu Simon English literature 2012
From the home to the world: A reading of the novels of Anita Desai and Shashi Deshpande Mohamada Begum, A Raveendran, P P English literature 2005
Functional Abilities and problems of Adults with Intellectual Disability Mini Mathew Sukumaran, P S Behavioural science 2016
Functional Analysis and Applications of Endophytic Bacteria from Selected Spice Plants Jasim B Radhakrishnan E.K Microbiology 2016
Functionally modified natural polymers such as Lignin, Chitosan and Bovine serum albumin: Synthesis, characterisation and photoresposive studies Thomas V Mathew Sunny Kuriakose Chemistry 2012

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