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A historical anatomy of the evolution of social revolution in Travancore George Philip Maharajan, M History 2006
Habitat and distribution of Hill stream Fishes of Northern Kerala (North of Palghat Gap) Biju, C R John George, M Zoology 2005
Habitat and distribution of hill stream fishes of Southern Kerala (South of Palghat Gap) Raju Thomas, K John George, M Zoology 2004
Halophilic bacteria from Vemabanad lake: a promising tool for bioremediation of cadmium and lead Sowmya M Mohammed Hatha A A Environmental sciences 2017
Hastalaksanadipika: A critical edition and study Sudha, E K Sukumaran, C Sanskrit literature 2004
Health and nutrition profile: A study in old age homes at Ernakulam, Kerala Manu, G V Kumari, K S Home science 2008
Health and nutritional status of women and preschool children in urban slums of Kochi Lizmitha Godwin Kumari, K S Home science 2011
Health education needs of mentally retarded children, parents and teachers Valsamma Joseph Sukumaran, P S Rehabilitation medicine 2007
Health problems of industrial working women in Ernakulam district: An economic evaluation Raji Prasad, G V Visakha Varma, G Economics 2014
Health status and health care system among the Fisher folk in Kerala Charles, L Alex, O J (Fr) Social work 2012
Health status of Muslim Women in Kerala Haseena Beevi, A A Stephanson, K A Economics 2013
Health system strengthening by Non-Government Organizations in Kerala Brinta Nelson Mahajan P Mani Gandhian studies (social work) 2016
Health tourism with reference to Kalari Sujatha, M Jose, K G Commerce 2015
Hepatoprotective efficacy of a Herbal drug and certain selected Medicinal plants Rajesh, M G Latha, M S Biochemistry 2002
Herbal extracts and phytoceuticals on oxidative stress and cellular radiosensitivity: Molecular mechanism and potential applications Divyasree, P Nair, C K K Biochemistry 2012
Hexanediol diacrylate-crosslinked Polystyrene supports for solid phase Peptide synthesis Latha, K S Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1997
Higher order elastic constants and low temperature lattice expansion of CdS, CdSe, CdTe, AIN, GaN, InN, and SiC semiconductor crystals Sindu Jones Menon, C S Physics 2016
Higher order elastic constants and low temperature thermal expansion of the Cubic compounds C60, Mn73Pt22 and Fe72Pt28 Vinu, T P Menon, C S Physics 2004
Hill Tourism in Kerala Joy, V S Vasanthagopal, R Commerce 2013
Histo-morphological and palynological investigation on some South Indian representatives of the tribe Heliantheae (Compositae) Sheela, D Avita (Sr) Botany 1994
Historical analysis of industrialization and its impact in the society with special reference to Ernakulam District Alphons Ligori, T O Chackochan, P L History 2015
Historicizing Manipravalam: Textualizing the history of Kerala Siby James Raveendran, P P English literature 2004
History and fiction: A study of Paul Scott's selected novels Thomas, T T Geetha, P English literature 2002
History as development experience desegregated and deconstructed analysis of Kerala Michael Tharakan, P K Rajan Gurukkal History 1998
History of education in the Princely State of Travancore in a Socio-economic and political perspective Noorgehan, S Joshi, N D Education 2001
History of social legislation in Travancore State Suresh Kumar, P Cherian, P J History 2003
HIV/AIDS in Kerala: A medico-social analysis Sajith Kumar, R (Dr) Mahajan P Mani Gandhian studies 2005
Hormone receptor binding mimic constructed using molecular imprinting Anju Augustine Beena Mathew Chemistry 2014
Household consumption expenditure in Kerala- Arguments, evidences and lessons Maithily, K Mani, K P Economics 2009
HRD culture and climate of Steel based Public sector enterprises in Kerala Surendran, A Sonny, V A Commerce 2013

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