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Marketing strategies of LIC in Kerala Lakshmanan, M P Harikumar, P N Commerce 2015
Marriage and domestic life in the Nnvels of Kamala Markandaya and Anita Desai Raji George Parvathi Devi, N English literature 1998
Marshall-Olkin distributions and minification processes Ancy Joseph Jose, K K Statistics 2010
Marshall-Olkin generalisation of some distributions and their applications Krishna, E Jose, K K Statistics 2012
Marxism in the novels of Doris Lessing Celine, E Geetha, P English literature 1999
Mathematical creativity and ability for fundamental mathematical operations of primary school students with dyscalculia Betty, P J Jacob, P J Education 2013
Mathematical modeling and solution of radiant exchange heat transfer problems Chacko, M J George Joseph Physics 2011
Mathematical Modelling of Ionospheric Parameters Suja Eapen Anilkumar, C V Mathematics 2016
Mathematical models for mining various patterns from data Rajalekshmi, V G Samuel. M S Mathematics 2014
Matriliny favours women: Reality or myth? A comparative study of the socio-cultural status of Mappila Muslim Women in Matrilineal and Patrilineal families of Malabar Fathima, T Shally Joseph Sociology 2016
Mayitrei Puspa ke upanyason mein nari sangharsh Kavitha V Rajan Ajithkumar P K Hindi literature 2017
Mean-variance approach of portfolio management: An empirical analysis of Indian experience Francy, T V Martin Patrick Economics 2009
Medical pluralism in Kerala: A socio-economic study of rural-urban variations Anitha, V Abraham George Economics 2008
Medicinal & Placebo effects of homeopathic remedies- A study on patients with somatoform low back pain and patients with pathological low back pain Subhadra, K T Razeena Padmam, M S Behavioural medicine 2016
Medicinal plant biodiversity and traditional knowledge system of Maruthua Malai and associated hills of Southern Western Ghats David Samuel, P Nair, P K K,
Prakashkumar, R
Environmental science 2005
Medicinal properties of common fruits Shibumon George Benny, P J Biochemistry 2011
Megaliths in Kasaragod: Understanding and unexplored region Jayashree Nair, K Raghava Varier, M R Social science 2008
Mercury geochemistry and accumulation in Kuttanadu agricultural wetland ecosystem Navya Cherian Mashesh Mohan Environmental sciences 2017
Metabolism of storage materials in germinating seeds under normal and stress conditions Fathima, P A Haridas, M,
Shankar Shashidhar
Biophysics 2000
Metal complexing behaviour of crosslinked polymeric ligands Dominic Thomas Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1995
Metaphysical and Ethical Dimensions of Christ Experience in the writings of Swamy Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi- A critical analysis Subrahmanyan, P T Radakrishnan, K S Philosophy 2016
Micro and nanostructured thermosetting blends from Epoxy Resin Sajeev Martin George Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2016
Micro credit and micro enterprises under Kudumbashree for rural development – A study with special reference to Malappuram District (Kerala) Rajeev Thomas Roy C Mathew Commerce 2014
Micro finance and women empowerment - A study of Kudumbashree project in Kerala Ruby, J A Abraham George Economics 2008
Microbial Chitinases – Isolation, purification and characterisation Mini K Paul Jyothis Mathew Microbiology 2013
Microbial Consortia development for the Biodegradation of mixed Organic Compounds Dhanya, V Jayachandran, K Bioscience 2016
Microbial degradation of natural rubber latex and its application in the treatment of latex centrifugation effluent Elizabeth Cherian Jayachandran, K Biotechnology 2009
Microbial degradation of Phenol by a species of Alcaligenes isolated from soil Indu C Nair Shankar Shashidhar Biotechnology 2006
Microbial Keratinases- Isolation, purification and characterization Mini, K D Jyothis Mathew Microbiology 2016
Microbial production of Biosurfactants Seba George Jayachandran, K Biotechnology 2012

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