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Performance as re-imagining representation: The Protean performatives of Anna Deavere Smith Biju, C S Mathew Joseph English literature 2005
Performance evaluation and customer satisfaction of Public sector banks and new generation Private sector banks in the post-liberalised era Aloysius, O C Joy Joseph Puthussery Commerce 2013
Performance Evaluation of Industrial Promotion Agencies in Kerala James Devassia Baby M D Commerce 2004
Performance evaluation of regional rural banks in Kerala Majeesh, T Rajagopala Nair Commerce 2012
Performance evaluation of self help groups programme in Kerala Jayachandran, C Rajagopala Nair Commerce 2009
Performance management in information technology industry in Kerala Rose V J Vasanthagopal R Commerce 2018
Performance of evaluation of export Oriented units in Kerala with special reference to micro, small and medium Enterprises Jisha George Georgekutty, V V Commerce 2017
Performance of modern small enterprises in Kerala – A diagnostic approach Tomy Mathew Martin Patrick Economics 2010
Performance of public and private sector banks in Kerala – A comparative analysis Suby Baby Vasanthagopal, R Commerce 2011
Performance, prospects and problems of the co-operative marketing societies in Kerala George, P L Jose, K G Commerce 2014
Personality profile using Exner’s Comprehensive System and related neurocognitive functions in parents with alcohol dependence syndrome Sureshkumar, M Rajeev Kumar, N Behavioural science 2016
Pervaporation diffusion and transport through polymer Anil Kumar, S Sabu Thomas,
Kumaran, M G
Chemistry 2008
Pharmacognostic and phytochemical studies on premna serratifolia L in Kerala Lekshmi V Bose George, K V Environmental science (botany) 2015
Pharmacognostic, Phytochemical and tissue culture studies of Tylophora indica(Burm.f.) Merrill Smitha S Joseph P Varghese Botany 2017
Pharmacological actions of Lutein isolated from Marigold flower with special reference to cancer cell proliferation Sindhu, E R Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2013
Pharmacological activity of plant derived drugs and the mechanism of action (with special reference to Phyllanthus Amarus Schum & Thonn) Regi Raphael, K Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2005
Pharmacological properties of Curcuminoids and related compounds Ruby John, A Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 1996
Pharmacological studies especially related to cancer on the essential oil of ginger( Zingiber officinale roscoe) Jeena, K Ramadasan Kuttan Pharmacy 2015
Pharmacological studies on food additives Soni, K B Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 1996
Pharmacological studies with carotenoid meso-zeaxanthin with special reference to cancer Firdous, A P Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2014
Phase transition studies in selected selenate crystals Leesal Iype Godfrey, L,
Paul, C M
Physics 2005
Phenology and life history traits of Arius subrostratus (Valenciennes, 1840) from Cochin estuary, India Ambily V Bijoy Nandan, S Zoology 2017
Philosophy applied in the teaching of philosophy in B Ed course: Formulation and testing of models Mary Joseph Vedamani Manuel, N Education 2007
Philosophy of Carakasamhita Asokan, G Gangadharan Nair, G Sanskrit literature 2009
Photochemical and Molecular Systematic of Artemisia spp. Rashmi, T R Francis, M S Botany 2016
Photochemical and radiation chemical degradation studies of Triazine derivatives Rani Varghese Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2010
Photoinduced electron transfer: Design and study of new sensitizers to control back electron transfer Manoj, N Gopidas, K R Chemistry 1999
Photometric studies if astronomical candidates from sloan digital sky survey. Sheelu Abraham Ninan Sajeeth Philip Physics 2015
Phylogeny of Indian Clariids and Population Genetic Structure of Clarias dussumieri Using Molecular Markers Aneesha Devassy Linu Mathew,
Padmakumar, K G
Bioscience 2017
Phyo-chemical evaluation and Anticancer studies of some selected Medicinal plants Sheeba Jasmin, T S Aleykutty, N A Pharmacy 2016

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