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Some contributions to the use of auxiliary information in sample surveys Merry Eapen Jose, K K Statistics 2006
Some extensions of Dirichlet models and their applications Seemon Thomas Alex Thannippara Statistics 2008
Some inference problems related to geometric distribution Mathachan Pathiyil Jeevanand, E S Statistics 2008
Some problems in block designs and optimality criteria Joseph, O C Alex Thannippara Statistics 2008
Some problems in Design of Experiments Benny Kurian Alex Thannippara Statistics 2004
Some problems in Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs Sreejith, V Alex Thannippara Statistics 2016
Some properties and inferential problems related to non-normal distributions with Kurtosis Three James Kurian George Sebastian Statistics 2008
Statistical applications in microarray technology and bioinformatics Bindu, P P Sebastian George Statistics 2014
Statistical modeling and projections for breast and reproductive tract cancers in Kerala Aleyamma Mathew Jose, K K Statistics 2013
Statistical modelling and analysis of microarray gene expression data Sreekumar, J Jose, K K Statistics 2008

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