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Anticancer studies of Clitoria ternatea (Linn.) Lijy Jacob Latha, M S Biochemistry 2013
Anticancerous and antiatherogenic principles from Medicinal plants Jayashree, G Muraleedhara Kurup, G Biochemistry 2001
Anticarcinogenic and genoprotective effect of mushroom derived components: Studies on Triterpenes isolated from Ganoderma lucidum Smina, T P Janardhanan, K K Biochemistry 2012
Antidermatophytic compounds from Zingiber Zerumbet (L) Roscoe ex J.E; Smith and Mikania Micrantha Kunth Jyothilakshmi, M Latha, M S,
Jyothi Mathew
Bioscience 2016
Antifungal activity guided phytochemical analysis of a few selected species of annonaceae Alka E Varghese Antony V T Botany 2017
Anxiety and depression among pregnant ladies during antenatal, intranatal and postnatal period Girija, K M Kumar, K A Psychology 2013
Anxiety and menace in the early plays of Pinter and Shepard Jageer, P P Varghese John English literature 2002
Apiculture resource biodiversity and management in Southern Kerala Maya C Nair Nair, P K K Environmental science 2003
Apocalyptic landscape and portents of ecodisaster: The poems of Robinson Jeffers Reena J Andrews Varghese John English literature 2004
Application of advanced oxidation processes for the degradation of organic water pollutants Jiju M Joseph Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2001
Application of epoxidised liquid Natural rubber as a polymeric plasticiser and impact modifier to Polyvinyl Chloride George V Thomas Gopinathan Nair, M R Polymer chemistry 1999
Application of fuzzy sets in lattice theory Latha S Nair Thomas, K V Mathematics 2012
Application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology ) in Communicative Language Learning Viju, M J Shibu Simon English literature 2016
Application of information processing models in teaching Chemistry at the secondary and the higher secondary level Rema Devi, K Jaleel, P M Education 1998
Application of information processing models in teaching Mathematics at secondary level Anila Anna Mani Jaleel, P M Education 2009
Application of intuitionistic fuzzy sets theory to medical diagnosis James Philip Souriar Sebastian Mathematics 2016
Application of intutionistic fuzzy set in ring Meena, K Thomas, K V Mathematics 2015
Applications of Vilsmeier- Haack reaction in synthesis of Heterocycles Sasikala, K A Devaky, K S Chemistry 2011
Apprenticeship-type learning (ATL) model-development and its effect on Higher secondary students' achievement in Chemistry Bindu, R L Sivadasan, K R Education 2008
Approaches to the socio-political development of the Scheduled castes: A study of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr B R Ambedkar Nandakumaran, V K Maharajan, M Gandhian studies 2002
Appropriate technology: Dynamics and relevance (A study with special reference to water resource management systems in Kerala) James Abraham Chirappanath, A K Gandhian studies 2001
Archetypal tragic myths in Robinson Jeffers Susan Thomas Radhakrishnan Nair, D English literature 1998
Art and activism: A study of Arundhati Roy’s writings from a subaltern perspective Sijo Varghese, C Shibu Simon English literature 2009
Artificial neural network based pattern recognition systems for offline handwritten character recognition Moni, Bindu S Raju, G Computer science 2017
Ashok Vajpayee ke Kavya Ka vastugat evam shilpa ghat Vishleshan Anil kumar R Babu Joseph Hindi literature 2017
Assessing physical education conceptual knowledge of pre-service education teachers of Kerala Moby Thomas Manoj T I Physical education 2017
Assessment and management of behavioural problems in persons with Dementia Roy K George Razeena Padmam, M S Behavioural science 2011
Assessment of carrying capacity of selected Tourism destinations in Kerala: A strategy for sustainable development Brilliant Rajan Pradeepkumar, A P Environmental science 2012
Assessment of depression dimension in terminally ill cancer patients Josephine Mary Ann Koola Mahajan P Mani Gandhian studies 2009
Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Oryza sativa L.-VTL and Local cultivars of Pokkali Rice using SSR Markers Jithin Thomas Dominic, V J Botany 2017

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