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Molecular Phylogenetic Relationships among Impatiens L. (Balsaminaceae) Using Chloroplast and Nuclear regions Shajitha, P P Linu Mathew Biotechnology 2017
Molecular rearrangements in crosslinked macromolecular matrices Sunny Kuriakose Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1994
Molecular rearrangements in polymer matrices Gem Mathew, G D Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1997
Molecular recognition sites on nanostructures and its application towards sensing of biologically active molecules Jeena Abraham Beena Mathew Chemistry 2016
Molecular studies on abiotic stress and identification of stress tolerant genes in Heavea brasiliensis Lisha P Luke Mohamed Sathik M B Bioscience (biotechnology) 2017
Momentum and contrarian strategies in the Indian stock market – An evaluative study Asha E Thomas Dileepkumar, M C Commerce 2011
Morbidity rate and nutritional status of Tribal and non-Tribal Pre-school children in Backward districts of Northern Kerala Riji Hari Kumari, K S Home science 2007
Morphogenetic processes and landuse - A geoecological impact assessment in the Ittikara river basin, South Kerala Mahamaya Chattopadhyay Satheesh, R Environmental science 2004
Morphological and anatomical studies in some South Indian Scrophulariaceae Annie Deleela, C J Avita (Sr) Botany 1994
Morphological and histochemical studies in some tropical Acanthaceae Thara K Simon Avita (Sr) Botany 1994
Morphological evolution in galaxy clusters: A quantitative approach Vinu, V Indulekha, K Physics 2011
Morphology and properties of high density Poly ethylene/ ethylene Vinyl Acetate co-polymer blends Biju John Sabu Thomas,
Varghese, K T,
Zachariah Oommen
Chemistry 2009
Morphology and properties of Polymer blend systems based on Epoxy systems Sarathchandran, C Sabu Thomas ,
Sony C. George,
Chemistry 2016
Morphology and transport characteristics of poly (ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)/clay nanocomposites Runcy Wilson Sabu Thomas,
Anil Kumar, S
Chemistry 2015
Motivation of school teachers in Kerala - An assessment of quality dimensions consequent to reforms in the education sector Bino Joy Gabriel Simon Thattil Commerce 2009
Motor abilities and functional academic skills of children with cerebral palsy Vijesh, P V Sukumaran, P S Special education 2011
Multi-component reactions in synthesis of Heterocycles Prasanth K Menon Devaky, K S Chemistry 2011
Multifunctional studies on pure and Fe modified Yttrium chromite nanosystems Shiji Krishnan Nandakumar, K Physics 2014
Multiphoton absorption processes in layer structured semiconductors Sreelatha, K Unnikrishnan, N V,
Chandu Venugopal
Physics 2000
Multiple correlates of obesity among school children Seeja Thomachan Panjikkaran Kumari, K S Home science 2012
Mutual fund investors’ behaviour in Kerala Basil John Thomas Sulaiman, E Business administration 2014
Mycorrhiza in agriculture and industry Anilkumar, K K Muraleedhara Kurup, G Bioscience 2007
Mysticism in Lawrence Durrell’s the Alexandria quartet Saroj V Haridas Sadasivan Pillai, H English literature 2009
Mysticism in Tagore's Gitanjali: A study based on Eastern and Western mystical concepts Joseph Vattakalam (Fr) George Madathiparampil English literature 1993
Mysticism of Isaac of Nineveh compared with mysticism of Rabindranath Tagore Thomas, K K Jacob Thekkeparambil Syriac literature 2013
Myth as the Lodestone to Evolution of Race and Culture: Reading African and Dravidian Myth through Amos Tutuola and Girish Karnad Maria Theresa Harris V C English literature 2018
Mythographers and mythoclasts: A comparative study of the fiction of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and O V Vijayan Vijayan, A V Krishnan, K M English literature 2006
The Mahatma and the narrative of the multitude a study of select Indian fictional works. Binuja Joseph Varghese C Abraham English literature 2017
The Mahatma and the narrative of the multitude: a study of select Indian fictional works. Binuja Joseph Varghese C Abraham English literature 2017

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