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Physico-chemical studies on host-guest phenomena in crosslinked copolymers Mary Joseph Sunny Kuriakose Chemistry 2006
Physiological and biochemical changes during the germination and seedling growth of Bael seeds (Aegle Marmelose Corr) Hari, N Gopalakrishnan, P K Botany 2004
Physiological changes and distribution patterns of Mangrove flora of Cochin Suma, K P Joy, C M Botany 2001
Phytochemical investigation and bioactivity studies of selected South Indian medicinal plants with antiallergic, antipruritic and anticancer potential Shakkeela Yusuf Sreenivasan K K Pharmacy 2017
Phytochemical and anti-inflammatory screening of selected medicinal plants Bindu A R Aleykutty N A Pharmacy 2017
Phytochemical and antidiabetic studies of some indigenous medicinal plants Krishnakumar, K R Srinivasan, K K Pharmacy 2015
Phytochemical and Molecular systematics of Aristolochia spp. Soumya Murali Francis, M S Botany 2016
Phytochemical and nutritional analysis of Horse gram (Dolichos biflorus Linn) Sreelekshmi, S G Avita (Sr) Botany 2012
Phytochemical and pharmacological screening of active constituents of Terminalia catappa (Linn). Abdul Vahab, A Jyothi Harindran Pharmacy 2016
Phytochemical and pharmacological screening of selected plants of Kerala Jayaprakash, A P Srinivasan, K K, Pharmacy 2016
Phytochemical and pharmacological studies on certain selected Medicinal plants Priya Thambi, T Jolly, C I Biotechnology 2010
Phytochemical investigation and biological studies of selected Medicinal Plants with Antidiabetic activity Bobby S. Prasad Srinivasan, K K Pharmacy 2016
Phytochemical studies and biological activities of selected members of family Asclepiadaceae Meena Thomas Irimpan Sheela, D Botany 2013
Phytoremediation of waste water with a few aquatic/semi aquatic and terrestrial weeds Ignatius Antony Ramasamy, E V Environmental science 2015
Pineapple leaf/ glass hybrid fibre reinforced Polyester composites Uma Devi, L Sabu Thomas,
Bhagawan, S S
Chemistry 2012
Plant growth promoting and antiphyto- Pathogenic properties of endophytic bacteria from Zingiber officinale Rose Rohini Sabu Radhakrishnan E K Microbiology 2017
Plantation technology: Propagation techniques and nursery practices for seven indigenous medicinal and avenue tree species of Kerala Justin R Nayagam Mani Varghese, K I Botany 2012
Policy changes and its impact on demand and supply of Bank credit Mini Joseph Gabriel Simon Thattil Commerce 2012
Political economy of educational initiatives in Kerala James, M S Joseph A Thomas Economics 2005
Political economy of India- Sri Lanka economic relations Reghunathan, M Seethi, K M International relations 2016
Political economy of participatory development James, P J Seethi, K M International relations 2004
Political economy of the Theyyam – A study of the time-space homology Rajesh Komath Michael Tharakan Economics 2014
Political identities in history Alex Mathew Raju, S Social science 2008
Political ideology in the novels of Nayantara Sahgal and Meena Alexander: A feminist perspective Vanaja, V Geetha, P English literature 2004
Political socialisation of student organisations in Kerala: With special reference to Mahatma Gandhi University Mathew, M M Cyriac Thomas Political science 1996
Political socialization of the Tribals Geetha, T K Rajan Gurukkal Political science 2001
Politicization of women in Travancore State (1900-1947)- A Study Smitha Sara Padiyara Sheela Irin Jayanthi, J History 2015
Politics of educational management: A case study of the Christian minority in Kerala Ruble Raj Cyriac Thomas Political science 2003
Politics of freedom: An analysis of Ismail Kadare’s selected works Gayathri M V Upot Sherine English literature 2017
Politics of gender and dalit identity: Representation of Dalit women in contemporary Dalit discourses in Kerala Rekha Raj Ramakrishanan, A K International relations 2016

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