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An improved evolutionary algorithm for optimization and its application Biju, G.S Anilkumar, A.K Mathematics 2018
Analytical and numerical predictions for near-earth's satellite orbits with KS uniform regular canonical equations Xavier James Raj, M Sharma, R K Mathematics 2008
Analytical approach using KS elements to long-term Near-Earth orbit predictions including Earth’s oblateness and air drag Lila S Nair Sharma, R K Mathematics 2005
Analytical orbit predictions in terms of uniformly regular K-S canonical elements for high eccentricity satellite orbits with atmospheric drag Anitha, C S Sharma, R K Mathematics 2012
Application of fuzzy sets and rough sets in algebra Ursala Paul Paul Isaac Mathematics 2019
Application of fuzzy sets in lattice theory Latha S Nair Thomas, K V Mathematics 2012
Application of intuitionistic fuzzy sets theory to medical diagnosis James Philip Souriar Sebastian Mathematics 2016
Application of intutionistic fuzzy set in ring Meena, K Thomas, K V Mathematics 2015
Contribution of Jainas to mathematics with special reference to Ganitasarasangraha of Mahavira Mini, P M Ramakrishnan Mathematics 2010
Development of generalized special functions of scalar and matrix argument Anitha Thomas Samuel, M S Mathematics 2012
Domination in Graphs – Theory and Applications Manju Raju Arumugam, S Mathematics 2019
Domination in hypergraphs Bibin K Jose Arumugam, S Mathematics 2012
Edge product graphs Thavamani, J P Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2014
Fixed point theorems in Complex valued metric space Lekshmi, S Dersanambika, K S Mathematics 2020
Fixed point theorems in menger space and menger probabilistic quasi-metric space Sahni Mary Roosevelt Dersanambika, K.S Mathematics 2018
Fuzzification of decision theory and allied areas Gigi George Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2007
Fuzziness in operation research and game theory Sobhana Devi, C K Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2009
Fuzzy mathematical approach to economic problems Mary George Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2003
Fuzzy mathematics and medical diagnosis Vijayalakshmi Menon, R Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2008
Fuzzy measures and Riesz representation theorem and related results in the fuzzy context Mathews M George Samuel, M S Mathematics 2010
Mathematical Modelling of Ionospheric Parameters Suja Eapen Anilkumar, C V Mathematics 2016
Mathematical models for mining various patterns from data Rajalekshmi, V G Samuel. M S Mathematics 2014
Modelling of Queueing Networks using search mechanism Ambily P Mathew Varghese C Joshua Mathematics 2020
New techniques for modeling and prediction of sunspot number cycles Sabarinath, A Anilkumar, A.K Mathematics 2018
On domination and related topics in graph theory Vinoy George Jacob K Mathematics 2018
On some Problems in fractal geometry Mary Samuel Rosa V Mathematics 2017
On the category of L-fuzzy groups Alexander Mendez Souriar Sebastian Mathematics 2014
Optimization in fuzzy environment Lisy Cherian Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2010
Oxygen vacancy formation in nanoparticulate SnO2 thin films by Zn, rare-earth and co-dopant for enhanced CO2 and lpg sensing Deepa S. Boben Thomas Mathematics 2018
RFID Data Management in Supply Chain Using Mathematical Programming and Encoding Schemes Sabu Augustine Samuel, M.S Mathematics 2018

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