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RFID Data Management in Supply Chain Using Mathematical Programming and Encoding Schemes Sabu Augustine Samuel, M.S Mathematics 2018
Some applications of intuitionistic fuzzy sets in module theory Pearly P. John Paul Isaac Mathematics 2015
Some applications of rough set theory in rings Neelima, C A Paul Isaac Mathematics 2016
Some problems in integral equations using fuzzy set theory Lovelymol Sebastian Samuel, M S Mathematics 2013
Some problems in intuitionistic fuzzy optimization and decision making Shiny Jose Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2015
Some problems in topology and frames Philomina, M T Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2009
Some problems in topology and lattice theory Tresa Mary Chacko Susha, D Mathematics 2020
Some problems on fixed point theory Aswathy, M R Dersanambika, K S Mathematics 2014
Some problems on Grammar Systems Sujatha Kumari, K Dersanambika, K S Mathematics 2016
Some problems on Kernel P Systems Ajitha, P.S Dersanambika, K.S Mathematics 2019
Some problems on quantum computing Jismy Joseph Dersanambika, K.S Mathematics 2020
Some problems on variants of P systems Rosini, B Dersanambika, K.S Mathematics 2019
Some problems related to the theory of fuzzy measures and fuzzy integrals with special reference to triangular norm Sebastian, V D Samuel, M S Mathematics 2011
Some selected topics in graph theory- semigraphs Susan Ray Joseph Mathew Varkey T.K Mathematics 2018
Some Studies in Fuzzy Graph Theory Pramada Ramachandran K V Thomas Mathematics 2018
Some variations of domination and applications Satheesh, E N Reji Kumar, K Mathematics 2015
Stochastic queuing inventory models with varying rates and retrial of customers Rejitha, K.R Jose, K.P Mathematics 2019
Studies in Algebraic Graph Theory - Spectrum of Graphs and Applications Renny P Varghese Susha, D. Mathematics 2020
Studies in fractional graph theory Karuppasamy, K Arumugam, S Mathematics 2010
Studies in Graph theory domination parameters of a digraph Jacob, K Arumugam, S Mathematics 2004
Studies in graph theory – Rational approach Varughese Mathew Arumugam, S Mathematics 2012
Studies in graph theory: Domination related problems Nirmala Kumari, S Arumugam, S Mathematics 2016
Studies in Graph Theory: Graph Decomposition and related problems Jasmine Mathew Rejikumar, K Mathematics 2020
Studies on fuzzy representations of fuzzy groups Thampy Abraham Souriar Sebastian % Mercy K Jacob Mathematics 2008
Studies on graph operators Jeepamol J Palathingal Aparna Lakshmanan, S Mathematics 2020
Study of frames in fuzzy context Philomena, C F Sunny Kuriakose, A Mathematics 2015
Study of rough sets and application to information theory Sheeja T.K Sunny Kuriakose A Mathematics 2019
Topological properties of digital images Annie Kurien, K Samuel, M S Mathematics 2012
True self-avoiding and restricted random walks Susamma Jacob Padmanabhan, A S Mathematics 2010

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