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Role of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes on the Morphology, Rheology and Properties of Natural Rubber/ Polypropylene Blends Sharika, T Soney C. George and Nandakumar Kalarikkal and Sabu Thomas Nanoscience and nanotechnolog 2020
Role of nanofillers on processing, morphology and properties of epoxy/carboxyl terminated poly (butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) blends Poornima Vijayan, P Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2014
Role of neutrophil secretions in modulating neutrophil and monocyte functions during hyperglucose and hyperinsulin conditions Neethi Raj, P Anie, Y Bioscience (biotechnology) 2020
Role of NGOs in the rural development of Kerala George, C T Mani, K P Economics 2004
Role of Non-governmental organisations in the economic and community development of Kerala: A case study of Peermade Development Society Jacob, K C Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2008
Role of Petty traders in the urban informal sector: A study of three Corporations in Kerala Titus Correya Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2001
Role of Rasayanas in ameliorating radiation and chemotherapy induced toxicity Rekha, P S Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2003
Role of SHGs in the Development of Micro Enterprises – A Comparative Study of NGOs with Kudumbashree Santhosh Kumar, K Thomas, K V Commerce 2021
Role of Spices Board in the cultivation and export of Spices: A study with particular reference to Kerala Mary, P U Venugopal, S Commerce 2013
Roman Catholicism and Communism in Poland : political views and Interventions of John Paul II Simi Joseph Thomas, A M International relations 2021
Rubber wood industry in Kerala- A value chain analysis Oommen Zachariah Martin Patrick Economics 2009
Rural democracy and political participation in Kerala - A case study of the role of women with special reference to Kottayam District Georgekutty, M V Cyriac Thomas Political science 2004
Rural development potential of Khadi and Village Industries Commission for tribal development Arun Kumar, C V Chirappanath, A K Gandhian studies 2001
Rural employment guarantee scheme and empowerment of rural women -A case study of Wayanad district Rakhi Chandrasekhar Rajendran Nair, P Economics 2018
Rural employment schemes and rural developmental- A study with special reference to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Kerala Helaney, M Y Santhosh Kumar, S Commerce 2015
Rural Livelihood Security in Kerala: A Study on the Impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Sajeevkumar, M P Vinodan, C International relations and politics 2020
Rural local finance in Kerala: A case study of Champakulam Block in Alleppey District Jacob Thomas John, M S Gandhian studies 2003
Rural watershed development projects: An evaluatory study of two NWDPRA Projects in the district of Calicut Antony Nicholas John, M S Gandhian studies 2007
Rural-urban migration of women: A study of employees in trade and commerce of Kochi city. Kolattukudy Jose Shirley Martin Patrick Economics 2017
The Real as Mythical: Social Portraiture in the novels of Margaret Laurence and R. K. Narayan Anju, K N Mathew Joseph English literature 2016
The realist dilemma and post-modernist experimentation: A study in the novels of Iris Murdoch Rekha Mathews Mathew Joseph English literature 2016
The relevance of Gandhism in the post-independence politics in Kerala Jose, K K Cyriac Thomas Political science 1997
The relevance of school counselling among adolescents to control exam anxiety with special reference to Pathanamthitta District Johnson C John Roy C Mathew Gandhian studies (social work) 2013
The relevance of the teachings of Kathopanisat in modern life Syam M S Asok Kumar N K Sanskrit literature 2017
The repressed referent : The ecological unconscious of the novels of Thomas Harris Sonia Sebastian Siby James English literature 2018
The return of the prodigal: The theme of redemption in the novels of Walker Percy Joy Jacob Augustine Joseph English literature 2004
The reunion movement among the St Thomas Christians 19th and 20th centuries Alex Mathew Joseph Sebastian Thekkedom (Fr) History 2008
The Revelation of Paul the Apostle: Edition, Translation and a Critical Analysis Joju Anto JacobThekkeparambil Syriac studies 2017
The role and impact of non-governmental organizations in entrepreneurship development in Kerala Vineeth, K M Dileepkumar, M C Commerce 2015
The role of action in the development of personality: A study based on Mahatma Gandhi's life and writings Lizy Paul Chirappanath, A K Gandhian studies 1993

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