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The universal feminine unconscious in Kamala Das: A Lacanian perspective Sreekumar, P K Radhakrishnan Nair, D English literature 2005
The untouchables and their struggle for temple entry in Kerala, since 1920 Sivathambika, E L Varghese, C J History 1991
The use of multimedia input to enhance listening and speaking skills of undergraduate learners of English: an exploratory study Jainlal V S Vijayamohanan J English literature 2018
The uses and functions of rituals in modern Malayalam theatre Sadasivan Pillai, H Narendra Prasad, R Theatre arts 1996
Ultrafast charge transfer dynamics and free radical reactions of 2-Aminopurine in the presence of Nucleobases and in modified double helical DNA Manoj, P Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2007
Ultrasonic absorption and acoustic non-linearity parameter B/A of binary liquid mixtures Jugan, J Abdul Khadar, M Physics 2003
Ultrasonic investigation of elastic properties and phase transition in selected mixed Sulphate and Sulphamate crystals George Varughese Godfrey, L Physics 2005
Ultrasonic study of certain binary and ternary liquid mixtures Roshan Abraham Abdul Khadar, M Physics 1998
Undefined boundaries of the Self: Gender, culture and resistance in selected works of Maxine Hong Kingston and Sandra Cisneros Trisina M Alapat Verghese Leena English literature 2013
Underdevelopment and militancy: The case of Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka Jessy Sebastian, P John, M S Gandhian studies 2005
Understanding Damming and Development Philip Mathew Raju, S Social science 2016
Understanding the dynamics of men and masculinity in contemporary Kerala Anisha, K.A Sandhya, R.S Sociology 2018
Uniform civil code and gender justice with special reference to muslim community in india Siji Rachel George Umadevi, S Political science 2019
United States Nuclear strategy in South Asia : A Study on U.S. Policy towards India Leena Merlin Vinodan C International relations 2017
United States policy towards Afghanistan (1979-91) Valsamma Sebastian Seethi, K M International relations 2004
United States policy towards South Africa 1969-1980: American ideals and responses to Apartheid Thomas, A M Cheriyan, C V International relations 1994
United States' perceptions on Iran: A study in orientalism Ramakrishnan, A K Cheriyan, C V International relations 1997
United State’s Nicaragua policy Baby Sebastian Thomas, A M International relations 2009
Unveiling the Gaze: A Study of the 'Tawaaif' in Bollywood Sabitha S Babu Thomas, T T English language and literature 2020
Unwed mothers residing in the licensed homes in Kerala Giji George Mary Venus, C J Social work 2012
Urban informal credit markets: Structure, dynamics and intermediation Binu Daniel Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2001
Urban informal sector in Kerala Geevarghese M Thomas Abraham George Economics 2006
Use of modern instructional strategies: Awareness and achievement of student teachers at Primary level Susamma George, P Jacob, P J Education 2007
Use of self-learning materials: Perception and performance of student teachers at Secondary level Rosamma Lukos, M Jacob, P J Education 2006
Utilisation of Natural Rubber latex waste as a potential filler in synthetic elastomers and plastics George Mathew Singh, R P,
Sabu Thomas
Polymer chemistry 2003
Utilization of heavy metals by microorganisms and its application at industrial level Ananda Kumar, A K Muraleedhara Kurup, G Bioscience 2005
Utilization of latex centrifugation and its effect on the growth of selected crop plants Anice Kurian, M Augusthy, P O Botany 2014

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