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Ecology of the Periphytic community in part of Periyar river in Kerala Blessy John Sunil Kumar, R Zoology 2022
Effect of isobaric hypoxia on the brain of Wistar rats and investigating the therapeutic use of superoxide dismutase under Hypoxic conditions Manju Varghese James, T J Zoology 2003
Effect of magnetic fields on tail regeneration of hemidactylus brooke Biju Jacob Thomas Thomas Varghese Zoology 2009
Effect of plantation chemicals on some economically important fish species of Kerala Mary John Manu Oommen Zoology 2010
Effects of some pesticides on histopathological and biochemical aspects of Euphlyctis hexadactylus (Lesson) (Amphibia: Anura) Renuka, M R Andrews, M I Zoology 2008
Epidemiological, hematological, biochemical and lung function studies in workers exposed to cement Saji K G Varghese P R Zoology 2017
Evaluation of mosquito control methods and the potency of certain plant extracts in the control of the Dengue fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti Priya T.V Nishi, R Zoology 2022
Fisheries resources of the middle region of Pampa river in relation to abiotic and biotic Parameters Ninu Thomas Nelson P Abraham Zoology 2020
Fishery management in Periyar Lake Minimol, K C Zacharias, V J Zoology 2001
Fishery resource potential of Manimala River, Kerala, India Mathews Plamoottil Nelson P. Abraham Zoology 2016
Fishes of the Perumthenaruvi region of the Pamba river with special reference to Benthic forms Thomas John, P John, K C Zoology 2005
Freshwater Shrimps of the family Atyidae de Haan of Kerala and culture of a selected species for forage/food in aquaculture Tessa Thomas Shaju Thomas% Jayachandran, K V Zoology 2012
Habitat and distribution of Hill stream Fishes of Northern Kerala (North of Palghat Gap) Biju, C R John George, M Zoology 2005
Habitat and distribution of hill stream fishes of Southern Kerala (South of Palghat Gap) Raju Thomas, K John George, M Zoology 2004
Heavy metals, especially, mercury in humans in Kerala, in relation to dentistry and other environmental sources Anitha Jose J G Ray Zoology 2018
Ichthyo-diversity of Puthenvelikkara and its environs in Ernakulam, Kerala, India Shyla, M H Jameela Beevi, K S Zoology 2017
Ichthyodiversity of Muvattupuzha River in Kottayam District, Kerala, India with DNA Barcoding of Tetraodontids Zeena K.V K.S.Jameela Beevi Zoology 2018
Immunomodulatory Effect of Traditional Thirst Quenchers in Kerala Sunitha, V.S Jyothis Mathew Zoology 2019
In vitro toxicological evaluation of hydroxyapatite micro and nano particles: A comparative analysis Geetha, C S Josekumar, V S Zoology 2016
Investigation on the taxonomy of Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera) associated with Rice ecosystem in Thrissur and Palakkad Districts of Kerala State Lakshmi Devi Menon, P Sebastian, P A% Narendran, T C Zoology 2013
Investigations on the stress physiology of the Megachiropteran, Cynopterus Sphinx (VAHL) Thomas, A P Mathew M Oommen Zoology 1998
Management of fragile wetland ecosystem in Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary with respect to its aquatic Avifauna Seema, K John George, M Zoology 2005
Molecular identification of freshwater perches (Teleostei:Perciformes) Smita Lenka Gopalakrishnan, A Zoology 2014
Organophosphate pesticide toxicity in teleost anabas testudineus Arunima Sebastian Joe Prasad Mathew Zoology 2022
Phenology and life history traits of Arius subrostratus (Valenciennes, 1840) from Cochin estuary, India Ambily V Bijoy Nandan, S Zoology 2017
Pollution stress responses in fishes of Periyar river at Ernakulam District in the field and experimental conditions Asha Raj, K R Joseph, M L Zoology 2016
Present status of fish eating birds in pokkali wetlands and adjoining areas of Ernakulam district, Kerala Surya Babu, S Raju Thomas K Zoology 2022
Production efficiency and sustainability of a rice-fish rotational farming model in Kuttanad low lands of Kerala Aloysius M Sebastian Padmakumar, K G Zoology 2006
Reproductive Biology & Cryopreservation of Spermatozoa of Indian Sand Whiting - Sillago sihama (Forsskal, 1775) - A Candidate Species for Mariculture Revathy, S Benno Periera, F.G Zoology 2019
Resource potential of Sasthamkotta Lake with special reference to Fish fauna and their sustainability Girijakumari, S Nelson P Abraham Zoology 2007

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