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A comparative study on the fibre type composition and enzymatic profile in the locomotory muscles of a few Snakes Priya Joseph Thomas, V C Zoology 2003
A faunistic survey of Spiders (Araneae: Arachnida) in Kerala Sunil Jose, K Sebastian, P A Zoology 2007
A molecular approach to the study of fish diversity of Meenachil river, Kerala Letha P Cheriyan Manu Oommen Zoology 2022
A study of medically important mosquito vectors in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala, India Koshy, P G Jose D Kaippallil Zoology 2014
A study of the mosquito profile in the areas of Japanese Encephalitis virus activity with reference to selected districts in Kerala State Sudharmini, S Thomas T Valamparampil Zoology 2010
A Study on biology of an indigenous catfish Mystus gulio Hamilton, 1822 from Vembanad Wetlands and its utilisation for kitchen waste management Mumthaz P. Hameed Padmakumar, K G Zoology 2022
A study on the biology, ecology and population of freshwater Copepods in Muvattupuzha river basin, Kerala Sasikala K Joseph Shaju Thomas Zoology 2015
A study on the ecobiology of Kuttanad with reference to fisheries Pramod Babu, K R Kaimal, P P Zoology 2007
A study on the occurrence of cataract in Ernakulam District of Kerala Syamala, M V Issac Thomas Zoology 2012
An investigation on ameliorative effect of papaya leaf (carica papaya) on haematological,histological and biochemical aspects of oreochromis mossambicus exposed to heavy metal contamination Arya, P D Joseph, M L Zoology 2022
An investigation on systematic, biology and behavior of Stingless Bees of Kerala and improved techniques for Meliponiculture Sajan Jose Shaju Thomas Zoology 2016
Anatomy and Histology of Etroplus Maculatus Bloch Manju Krishnan Madhukumar, G Zoology 2021
Avian diversity of Periyar region of Western ghats Mathew Thomas Reethamma, O V and Benny , P J Zoology 2022
Bioactive potentials of bacteria from fresh water fish and their application as bio control agents in fish disease Midhun Sebastian Jose Jyothis Mathew and Radhakrishnan, E K Zoology 2020
Biodiversity and survival of indigenous ornamental fishes of Keecheri-Puzhakkal river systems of Kerala with emphasis on handling and packing stress in Etroplus Maculatus Dalie Dominic, A Inasu, N D Zoology 2015
Biodiversity and survival of indigenous ornamental fishes of kole lands of Kerala, with emphasis on handling and packing stress in etroplus suratensis Swapana Johny Inasu, N D Zoology 2020
Bioecology and Management of the pests of Jasmine Jessy Joseph Jose D. Kaippalli Zoology 2019
Biology and Population characteristics of Indian scad, Decapterus russelli (Ruppell, 1830) off Cochin waters Neelakandan, M Bijoy Nandan, S Zoology 2020
Biomonitoring of Pamba River in Kerala India Using Aquatic Insects as Indicators Manu Rani Paul Jose D Kaippallil Zoology 2021
Biotic production potential in relation to environmental status of the Ashtamudi Wetland Ecosystem, Kerala Seema, V Bijoy Nandan, S Zoology 2016
Captive breeding protocols of two potential cultivable Fishes, Etroplus suratensis (Bloch) and Horabagrus brachysoma (Gunther) endemic to the Western Ghat region, Kerala Bindu, L Padmakumar, K G Zoology 2007
Certain aspects of the ecology of a Mangrove ecosystem in Ayiramthengu Reshmi Vijayan Ramanujan, N Zoology 2005
Certain aspects of the ecology of the Ithikkara river Sheeba, S Ramanujan, N Zoology 2001
Certain biological aspects on the effects of pesticides in fishes Sulekha, B T Anna Mercy, T V Zoology 2002
Development and characterization of cell lines from grouper and their susceptibility to important grouper viral pathogens Raja Swaminathan, T Gopalakrishnan, A Zoology 2012
Digit ratio and different skills a study on their relationship Krishna Prabha, K S Nishi, R Zoology 2022
Distribution and community structure of benthic fauna in Cochin estuary, India Geetha, P.N Bijoy Nandan, S Zoology 2019
Ecological isolation of Babblers (Turdoides Spp.) Boby Jose Zacharias, V J Zoology 2004
Ecology and behaviour of Grey jungle fowl Gallus sonnerattii Peeyus Kutty, K J Zacharias, V J Zoology 2009
Ecology and behaviour of Malabar Trogon, Harpactes Fasciatus Malabaricus Aby P Varghese Rajan, K C Zoology 2004

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