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Title Anaphora resolution in Malayalam and Hindi Sobha, L Linguistics 2002
Title Anti-alcoholic movement in Kerala: A Gandhian analysis Reni Anna Joseph Gandhian studies 1996
Title Anti-cancer activities of Polyphenolic compounds Lata G Menon Immunology 2000
Title Anticancer activity of Medicinal plants Mary, K T Biochemistry 1996
Title Anti-cancer activity of selected Medicinal plants Jose Thomas, T Biochemistry 2004
Title Anticancer activity of selected medicinal plants: A study of the anticancer principles from Saraca asoca Varghese, C D Biochemistry 1996
Title Anticancerous and antiatherogenic principles from Medicinal plants Jayashree, G Biochemistry 2001
Title Anxiety and menace in the early plays of Pinter and Shepard Jageer, P P English literature 2002
Title Apiculture resource biodiversity and management in Southern Kerala Maya C Nair Environmental science 2003
Title Apocalyptic landscape and portents of ecodisaster: The poems of Robinson Jeffers Reena J Andrews English literature 2004
Title Application of advanced oxidation processes for the degradation of organic water pollutants Jiju M Joseph Chemistry 2001
Title Application of epoxidised liquid Natural rubber as a polymeric plasticiser and impact modifier to Polyvinyl Chloride George V Thomas Polymer chemistry 1999
Title Application of information processing models in teaching Chemistry at the secondary and the higher secondary level Rema Devi, K Education 1998
Title Apprenticeship-type learning (ATL) model-development and its effect on Higher secondary students' achievement in Chemistry Bindu, R L Education 2008
Title Approaches to the socio-political development of the Scheduled castes: A study of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr B R Ambedkar Nandakumaran, V K Gandhian studies 2002

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