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Title Successful turnaround strategies: A comparison between Public and Private sector organisations in Karnataka Sunita Panicker Management studies 2012
Title A critical analysis of the measures initiated by the Government and the private agencies for the promotion of tourism in Alappuzha Jeemon Joseph Management studies 2012
Title Demographic correlates of work motivation: A comparative study of the IT (Software) and non-IT industries of Kerala and Karnataka Bindu S Nair Management studies 2012
Title Development of an intervention module for management of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus Celine Mathew, C Home science 2013
Title The effect of advertisement on consumer behavior and brand preference with special reference to selected consumer durables in Kerala Lekshmi Bhai, P S Management studies 2013
Title A study on problems and prospects of sugar and sugar based industries in Kerala Asha R Nair Management studies 2013
Title Stress management and leadership styles of executives: A study of the corporate sector Sobhana, G Management studies 2011
Title Gandhian concept of conflict resolution Laiju Varghese Gandhian studies 2011
Title A study of consumer behaviour in the toys market of Kerala Andez George Management studies 2011
Title Assessment and management of behavioural problems in persons with Dementia Roy K George Behavioural science 2011
Title Economic growth and equity: A case study of development programmes of the Kottayam District, under decentralised planning Gresamma Mathew Social science 2011
Title Public borrowings- A financial management perspective: A study with special reference to Government of Kerala Domini, V A Commerce 2011
Title Financial management in Banks in Kerala Sushan, P K Commerce 2011
Title Towards a teaching model to develop English language proficiency among students of management studies in Kerala Rosemary Varghese English literature 2011
Title Community management of water resources in Kerala: A study of user participation in drinking water schemes Varkey, P J Gandhian studies 2013

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