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Title Customer relationship management(CRM) best practices and customer loyalty: A study of retail banking sector in Kerala Linie Darli Commerce 2017
Title A Critical study of customer relationship management in retail banking Bindu K Management studies 2017
Title Development of anaerobic – aerobic modular sanitation system for house hold liquid waste Ansari J Environmental sciences 2017
Title A study on marketing practices in handloom and khadi industries in Kerala Anu Varghese Management studies 2017
Title Influence of learning style, cognitive self management and attitude towards academic work on achievement in Malayalam of higher secondary school students of Kerala Lathadeviamma J Education 2017
Title Technology and its impact on management in printing industry in Kerala Hari Management studies 2017
Title A study on talent management practices in IT industry in Kerala Rakhimol Raju Commerce 2017
Title Employee training and organizational commitment – Astudy of employees of select hotels in Kerala Geethu Anna Mathew Management studies 2017
Title A study on supply chain management practices of seafood exporting companies in Kerala Jesena A Commerce 2017
Title A Study on Impulse Buying Behaviour in Organized Retail Formats of Kerala Joshy John Management studies 2018
Title Developing suitable techniques for the treatment of leachate originating from municipal solid waste management facilities Arun Babu V Environmental sciences 2018
Title Performance management in information technology industry in Kerala Rose V J Commerce 2018
Title A study on performance appraisal methods of nurses in select hospitals in Kerala Ushus Mathew Management studies 2018
Title A Study on Career Self management Strategies among IT Professionals in Kerala Jominy Joice J Management studies 2018
Title The Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Purchase Intention: A Study on Select Jewellers of Kerala Tijo Thomas Management studies 2018

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